Her senses are as open as the world she creates for herself


Moenja [pronounced Munya] is gifted with a strong intuitive feeling and a great eye for detail.

Born in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in an artistic, multi-cultural family from European and African descent. Moving to Australia in her early 20s gave her the inspiration and fulfilment to start something special by offering her gifts to the world. 


She is a free spirit, living a nomadic lifestyle, working from places that inspire and feed her soul.  She now primarily works out of Europe, Asia and Australia.

Her mission is to support mindful businesses and brands who understand the importance of being socially and environmental responsible. They are aware of the value that high quality creativity can bring to their own businesses and in turn, positively impact the world. 



Visual Branding

Visual brand design is an important investment. As a purpose driven business owner, your goal is to be seen and heard with a brand that is professional, recognisable and authentic to you. A brand that embodies purpose and communicates your unique value will transform and grow your business from the inside-out.

Custom Artwork


Yes! I Have worked with several companies who were in need of a brand refresh. It is important to feel aligned with your branding and I can help you get that feeling back!

Creative Direction

Graphic Design

Now more than ever, brands need to connect people and have positive impact on the world.