her senses are as open as the

world she creates for herself

"Each time I am impressed with how on point her intuition is and how clean and precise her designs are."


Moenja is gifted with a strong intuitive feeling and a great eye for detail.

She is born in an artistic, multi-cultural family in the Netherlands. Moving to Australia in her early 20s gave her the inspiration and fulfilment to start something special by offering her talents to the world. 

Moenja is gifted with a strong intuitive feeling and a great eye for detail. Combining the two makes her design process very unique. 


Moenja is a free spirit, she lives a nomadic lifestyle, working from places that inspire and feed her soul. 



Moving beyond the obvious into the intuitive. Creating space for ideas to come to the surface where they can be translated into an authentic and aligned brand.

Intuitive branding speaks not only to the eyes, but the soul as well - building instant connection with those who align with the brand.


My mission is to help your soul offering with a visual identity that is instilled with intention, connection and conscious creativity.

Building a brand that embodies purpose and communicates your unique value will transform and grow your business from the inside-out.


Now more than ever, brands need to connect people and have positive impact on the world. I am here to support businesses that have a strong love for humanity, the planet and animals, just like I have.


Let's create something beautiful

& meaningful together!