Greer Stening 

"Working with Moenja was hands down the most inspiring collaborative process! "


From the very beginning, she was deeply attuned to the vision for my business and intuitively felt into the brand. She considerately took note of my thoughts or ideas and transmuted it into real life magic. The whole process made me feel as though she was channelling the life force of my business’ offerings into an authentic and inspiring aesthetic.

Moenja is a true artist who imbibes meaning into her work. She added new layers of depth and symbolism which expanded even my own feelings about the potential for my business to offer inspiration, healing and growth to others.

I cannot recommend Moenja enough to anyone seeking to launch (or re-brand) their Soul offerings in a way that is instilled with intention, connection and conscious creativity. After all, these are the things we all hope to cultivate within our conscious businesses; and I am so delighted to say that working with Moenja has left me even more confident in my own business’ ability to do just that. 

Padmini Kruitwagen

"Her style is pure, has a natural flow to it and comes from her heart."

Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 16.11.29.png

Intuitively I chose to work with Moenja for the branding of my new yoga venture 'Vers Licht'. Her work touched me; her style is pure, has a natural flow to it and comes from her heart. Her work feels like art!
I'm so happy that I chose to work with Moenja, she really senses the brand feeling. I think that is very important in order to give life to beautiful creations. 
She is very professional and guides the process in a very smooth way, even though she is located in another continent. I would definitely recommend working with Moenja!

Kaela Atleework

"Each time I am impressed with how on point her intuition is."


Moenja is truly a joy to work with.

I have worked with her on several brands in the last year, and each time I am impressed with how on point her intuition is and how clean and precise her designs are.
I highly recommend working with Moenja if you are looking for a designer who can blend creative spirit with effective visuals. 

Valentine Dreyfus

"She has a great dedication to detail which is much appreciated."

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 10.25.07.png

We had the pleasure to work with Moenja on various hotels we were opening all around the world with the Selina group. 

Moenja has been always very responsive and delivering on time. She has a great dedication to details which is much appreciated.
I am looking forward to work with her again! ~

Dashama Konah

"Her art and designs are both elegant, sophisticated and magical to behold."

Photo 2017-10-04, 7 40 35 PM.jpg

Moenja is a very talented, skilled & professional designer. She has a unique ability to translate your vision into art and designs that are both elegant, sophisticated & magical to behold.


I’m so grateful I found Moenja when I needed her, she has created beautiful designs for my brand the Flow State.


I highly recommend working with her.