Neo Gourd Art

A gourd is the hollow, dried shell of a vine fruit originating from Asia and Africa. Hard shell gourds, once dried can last forever and are essentially a soft wood. There are dozens of varieties of hard shell gourds and their varying sizes and shapes have provided man with a multitude of functional, decorative and spiritual uses.


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I helped Neo with branding that represents the essence of his product. Unique, authentic, handcrafted lamps made from gourd. 


The main connection of the logo to his brand is the tribal feeling it gives you. Neo gets most of his inspiration by the indigenous tribes around the world, you can not only see that in his work but also in his daily life.

And of course the pattern you see in the symbol, which is symmetrical, connecting the earth and the sky, the feminine and masculine, the yin and yang, the balance in life and nature.