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Positive Media is an Asia Pacific based visual storytelling platform that creates powerful multimedia stories through videography, photography and copywriting.

Positive Media unearths evocative stories and crafts compelling content to show the impact that development projects have on individuals, communities and the environments that they live in.

I wanted her brand to reflect her values, mission and personality and to reconnect it to the tropical roots of the Asian Pacifics.


"The positive feedback on the rebranding has continued to flow in!"

Sarah moodboard.jpg

Positivity, warmth, unity, compassion and tropical were some of the feelings that we both felt on bringing through.


The logo has a round shape on purpose, it symbolizes oneness and unity. When you look closer you will find an eye in there, as well as the rays of the sun. The client requested to integrate the shutter of a camera in the logo, which is now the iris of the eye. 

Image by Ryan Wilson
Image by Ryan Clark