A business name… is it really an important decision?

A business name… is it really an important decision?

Many people are great at thinking up a genius idea for a business and its easy to think that's all you need to be successful! However, this is not the case and there is much more to a business than its idea. Its so important these days to have a perfect business name for your business idea, in fact it may be the most important decision you will make, and here’s why…

The name of your business has a significant impact on your success!

This is because the name of your business is essentially the core of your overall branding and marketing strategies and therefore, has a major impact on how customers view you in comparison to your competitors. A clear and powerful name can assist you in sending the right messages to your future customers and creating the image that YOU want in the market!

So, how is it done?

The best and most appropriate way I can explain how to choose your business name is through taking you through my own experience as I have ultimately found a great success in the business name I chose and thats what anybody wants when they start a business right??

As you know, the name of my business is moonsign and it all started almost ten years ago when my interest in the creative field sparked and I began creating a portfolio for graphic design school. I had to choose a name for my portfolio and my parents helped me come up with the name moonsign. We were inspired by the words moon design and moonshine.

Later on when I decided to start my own freelance business, I started brainstorming with my own name, however, as Moenja is hard to pronounce in Australia, I thought of my nickname moon. Then I remembered what my parents told me years ago for my portfolio…it was right then and there, that ‘moonsign’ was officially chosen as the name for my business!

One main thing to remember is you don’t have to include the name of your industry or anything associated with it in the name of your business as there are already millions of businesses out there so you have a less chance of being unique with this method. Try what I have done and veer away from your equivalent of ‘design’ to make it into something more unique and catchy.

7 Tips for creating the perfect business name:

1. Brainstorming Start creating a list of words that describe your business idea. As many as you can think of! Write these ideas in a notebook or in your phone but whatever you choose, always keep it close to you as you never know when the lightbulb will strike!

2. Combining

Combining words together is a great way to create new and unique words. Place one word in front of the other and join them together. If you look at famous brands names you will notice that a lot of them are actually combinations of simple words.

3. Translate Translate words in other languages, this might be your key! Something surprising and unique might show up that suits your business perfectly. But remember to keep your target market in mind - some words might be to hard to pronounce and this is a key factor for ongoing business name success.

4. Breaking the rules Choose a word you like and play around with letters. Leave letters out of the word or change some of the letters. This is can give a complete new and unique vibe to a word!

5. Test the name If you think you have find the right name, test it first for a few days, write it down, make sure the name sounds good when you say it out loud. Ask friends and colleagues. This is the ultimate way to find out if the name will be a success!

6. Availability Once you have decided on a possible business name, it is important to ensure the name is not being used by another business. You can check this on domain websites and social media.

7. Happy You as the business owner will have to live with the name for a long time, so make sure you are happy with it and 100% believe it will work for your business. Once you believe, everyone else will too!

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