5 ways to spark your creativity

You know that feeling when you sit in front of your laptop or a blank sheet of drawing paper and have nothing creative or inspirational happening? Believe me, you are not the only one. It happens to the best of us. This is something I struggle with a lot through my work life. One of the challenges a creative person faces is to come up with fresh new ideas every single time they design something. This is not easy to do, so I have decided to share a list of my 5 go-to ways to spark creativity in the mind.

1. Meditate

My interest in yoga and meditation has helped me throughout my working life as much as it has done in my personal and spiritual life. The act of meditation clears your mind and helps reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation can also help you to avoid the negative spiral of giving up while improving your overall quality of focus, calmness and clarity.

2. Connect with nature

People have been getting inspiration from Mother Nature for centuries and there is no reason it can’t work for you. From colours, sounds, textures and smells there is so much to explore in nature that you can’t find behind your computer screen. Plus, connecting with nature helps to get you in a relaxed mood, which ultimately results in better creativity! I will get deeper into this point in another blog post.

3. Have fun Having fun and laughing is also relaxing! It is usually hard to find inspiration while your feeling anxious or down. Ways that you can facilitate this method is by watching a funny video or meeting up with a good friend. You will notice that after a good laugh you feel more refreshed and it might help you find that perfect idea.

4. Get inspired by others

There is nothing wrong with researching your competitor’s work to have a clear idea of what you want to create. It is important not to copy what other designers have done, however, it can do a lot to spark your creativity. Another way to do this is simply ask someone else for help - a friend might mention something that gives you a whole new idea!

5. Change the environment you are working in

Studies have shown that people are most creative with a slight noise in the background as it triggers our brain to work harder because the noise can be distracting. Of course, this totally depends on the person. Some prefer a loud environment while others prefer a quite place but it doesn’t hurt to experiment with different work environments when you’re feeling stuck. It is good to try different working environments to keep things fresh and keep the creative juices flowing!

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